About Us

About Us
In other words, we don't just coax the genie out of the lamp... we discover the magic lamps in the first place.

While magic lamps might be the stuff of fiction, our process is real:

We search through the proverbial coal mines of creative speckles of light, then help companies in Fashion, Media, En-tertinament, and Design journey towards their rightful existence as a diamond of their industry.

Maintaining the status quo is treading water – we dive in and help companies shine.

At Double W, we don’t define ourselves as just an incubator or a growth accelerator or a mentoring company. The reason for this is not arrogance, saying we are above these labels, but flexibility, as we have the fluidity to tailor our approach and scope of work to each specific client, project, and situation.

As a creative-business collective, we are focused on finding diamonds in the rough in select industries and helping them achieve sustainable growth without sacrificing their creativity. We invest in businesses in the initial or mid-stage, with under $10M in revenue.

Through our co-creation process, we discover and invest in Fashion, Media, Entertainment, and Design companies in order to develop and guide them towards the next level. Using our strong network in these fields, we help these hand-selected companies with their design, manufacturing, branding, marketing, management, operations, and more. Ultimately, we work to fulfill each companies vision in order to craft and refine their products and connect with the global millennial customer.

Working towards the creation of both social and financial value, we implement our “Hybrid Organizing Management System” and rely heavily on technological innovation. Our team is convinced that new technology provides exceptional tools to improve processes and user experience; creativity + innovation are vital levers for growth and sustainability across all industries.

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